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Notes on “Level-Up Your WordPress Development Skills” by Tom McFarlin

These are my reference notes on Tom Mcfarlin’s presentation at WordCamp Altanta 2013, entitled Level-Up Your WordPress Development Skills.




  • Try to stay and the intersection of what you love doing and what you’re best at doing
  • Working as part of a team is more fun than working by yourself


On blogging

  • 30-45 minutes a day
  • 5 days a week
  • Approximately 300 words per post
  • Write first thing in the morning
  • Blogging begets blogging, the more you do it the easier it is
  • Evalute and filter ideas
  • Don’t be afraid of critism, becoming a better developer is a journey not a destination


WordPress Hooks

An easy to remember definition of the two types of WordPress hooks:

  • Filters allow you to manipulate the data
  • Actions allow you to insert your code when something happens


Four WordPress APIs not to be missed


Using the WordPress Codex

When searching for a solution to a problem:

  1. Search the WordPress Codex before searching Google
  2. Then search the WordPress Codex using Google